Dispatch 15 all terror attacks are wrong but not equal

After the horrific terror attack by a majority group member against a minority group, many messages came in asking “what about…” An explanation of the difference, why all of these attacks are wrong, and why the Democratic Party should make the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights a Party Plank and emphasized.

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References within the show:

Suspected white supremacist charged with murder after New Zealand mosque shootings

‘Pray That These Christians Would Not Be Discouraged’: 20 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered Over Grazing Law

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Chelsea Clinton Confronted at Vigil for New Zealand Mosque Shooting Victims Over Her Criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar

Religion in Nigeria

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  1. James Gilley
    March 16, 2019

    Ethan, would you think the death penalty proper for the shooter in the New Zealand Mosque Massacre?

    • u1kmq
      March 17, 2019


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