Profit Over Lives

If I handed you a drink and lied about the ingredients being safe, how would you feel?

What if those ingredients over time poisoned you, killing you slowly, giving you cancer?

That is what we are facing with glyphosate/roundup.

It is still on the shelves for only one reason: profit.

Profit over our lives.

Doesn’t sound right does it?

Go organic, stop spraying weedkillers, and let your representatives know how you feel! Congressman Ted Lieu is one of the few who is actually looking at this problem, let him know you support action against Monsanto!

They lied that it would break down in our bodies. It doesn’t –

According to Courthouse News, Monsanto lied in court the other day plus this bombshell:

Neither was a revelation that University of California at Berkeley toxicologist Luoping Zhang was “so outraged” by the EPA’s failure to follow its own herbicide-assessment guidelines that she recently resigned from an EPA glyphosate-review panel to conduct her own study of the chemical. That study, released this past February, found that glyphosate exposure increases the risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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