Dispatch 39 Gun Control Now

WARNING: Graphic opening first 22 seconds.

Yet another mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, over the weekend with again, no action from Republicans to stem the horrific rise in mass shootings here in the United States.

Only Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke hasĀ announced a strong gun plan that includes removing all weapons of war from civilian hands to stop this terrorism of all of us.


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EDIT/ADDENDUM: The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows overwhelming support in the U.S. for new Gun Control measures:

  • 93 – 6 percent support for universal background checks;
  • 82 – 16 percent support for requiring a license to purchase a gun;
  • 80 – 15 percent support for a “red flag” law;
  • 60 – 36 percent support for a ban on assault weapons;
  • 46 – 49 percent on a mandatory buyback of assault weapons.

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  1. Don Wisa
    September 26, 2019

    Get tired of know nothing jerks calling a semi-automatic rifle an assault weapon. Even the military M-4 and M-16 are called semi-automatic rifles. Check the Manual on line. Most people that comment about assualt weapons do not know a thing about any weapon.

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